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We look after our partners. From full listings to help your events stand out, to featured events that we market for you, we have the solutions to help you take the headache out of marketing your event.


Our goal is to help you sell out events. We've got the audience and platform to provide unique marketing opportunities.

Sell Tickets

CPD Junkie can handle all the ticket sell needs for your events. This add-on is available for all full and featured listings!

Editable Listings

Your listings are yours, we give you ability to edit, add and adjust information as your event details change.

Get in Touch to Learn more

Reach out to learn more about how CPD Junkie can help you sell out your events faster!

Sample Event Types

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[add_eventon_list event_organizer="579" fixed_month="01" fixed_year="2024" ux_val="3" event_count="3" hide_so="yes" hide_month_headers="yes" accord="yes" event_location="189" show_et_ft_img='yes' ]

Upgrades Available for Partners

Featured Event

Featured Events Stand out from the Crowd.

Ticket Sales

Let CPD Junkie handle your ticket sales from start to finish.

Junkie Deals

Everybody loves a deal. Offer a deal to CPD Junkie Users for additional exposure to our userbase.


This is the fastest way to get your events up and running.
Free, Full or Featured – We’re here to help.

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Email - Enquiries

If you have an event to upload, you can upload yourself or email us here:

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