Speaker Spotlight: July 2020

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Anthony Mak

“In our career, there probably isn’t going to be many opportunities or a long period in your career that people will take time out just to come to listen and learn from you, so if the opportunity arises and you are invited, you should take it”


Dr Anthony Mak graduated with multiple awards from the University of Sydney in 2002. He then went on to complete his Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants). Dr Mak is one of Australia’s most sought after speakers, especially in the field of digital and restorative dentistry. He has lectured extensively in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia; and his hands-on workshops have gained such popularity that they are almost always booked out soon after registrations open. He is also gaining great popularity on the European and US circuit. Anthony is the author of two compelling compendiums detailing direct composite and indirect ceramic restorations, the clinical photography and documentations can only be described as exceptional. He has published numerous case studies and articles for local and international dental bodies and associations. Anthony’s interest lies in dental technologies, advances in materials and techniques; and he has a unique understanding of CAD-CAM digital dentistry. Anthony runs two practices in metropolitan Sydney, focusing on quality modern comprehensive care, including aesthetic and implant dentistry. He is also a clinical consultant and key opinion leader for several global dental companies focusing on development of new dental technologies. Outside of clinical practice, Anthony also sits on the Restorative Advisory Board for GC Europe, the Executive planning committee for the Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry (Syd Uni), an executive committee member for the Dental Alumni of the University of Sydney, and is the team leader in Australia for the renown BioEmulation Group, a global group of high achieving dental practitioners.


What made you interested in teaching and becoming a lecturer in your given area of interest?

I fell into the teaching space about 10 years ago. I had great mentors who were, and still are renowned lecturers in our community right now.  When I started my own practice, I was able to meet with some of these dental companies and from there… it’s history. I first started speaking on diode lasers and then moved onto composites with the ADANSW. I just took it one step at a time and when I was asked to teach, I tried to take the opportunity. I was once advised by a colleague that… “In our career, there probably isn’t going to be many opportunities or a long period in your career that people will take time out just to come to listen and learn from you… so if the opportunity arises and you are invited… you should take it”… and that advice has stayed with me 10 years later. Who knows when this journey will end…so I take it day by day and try to concentrate on my patients and my practice. As at the end of the day, I’m a clinician and I love what I do in practice and anything outside of that, I tackle with a careful stride.


From a lecturer’s perspective, what can CPD Junkies do to get more out of CPD events they attend?

I think there are a lot of CPD events currently available. And this is great as only a few years ago this was completely different. I think young dentists should plan their CPD journey from when they graduate to when they become a bit more experienced. Try to focus on topics that are most useful early on in your private practice careers. As you mature as a clinician, you can attend some of the more advanced programs.


What advice do you have for anyone hoping to become a speaker/lecturer?

I think just like we learn dentistry from our mentors when we start in private practice, if you are interested in teaching and lecturing then you should try and learn from those who already do it. Try and connect with and learn from those mentors that have been lecturing of speaking for many years in this space. They will be able to guide you and to provide feedback on what you need to do to become successful.

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