Speaker Spotlight: September 2020

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Padma Gadiyar

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 There is never going to be a perfect time to start. Be passionate and add value first. Execution is the key.


Dr. Padma Gadiyar is a dentist, practice owner, Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, founder Smilo.ai & healthcare consultant to the dental & medical industries. An experienced clinician, Dr. Gadiyar launched her first dental practice in Australia 9 years ago . Author of Buy, Build, Sell-A step by step guide to a multimillion dollar practice empire, Dr. Gadiyar has been seen in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, The Times, International Business Times, ABC , BITE magazine & more. An advocate for bringing entrepreneurship & technology into dentistry, driven by a desire for practice owners to create a business supporting both for dentists and their patients using Artificial Intelligence and Remote Monitoring.

I graduate in 2007 from India and finished my ADC exams in 2011. My special interests as a clinician in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. I am trained in clear aligners, smile makeovers, implants, lasers and facial injectables. But my real passion is the BUSINESS PART OF DENTISTRY. I have attended numerous courses on communication, business, digital marketing HR and financial management courses within and outside of dental industry. I speak on topics such as:

  • Rapid Practice Portfolio Management- Entry and Exit Planning
  • Utilising Artificial Intelligence to transform dental practices and patient engagement
  • Innovation-how to create & implement disruptive strategy, technology and ways of delivering care

What made you interested in teaching and becoming a lecturer in your given area of interest?

I believe in adding and keeping everything simple whether its clinical practice or business ownership and making them profitable, enjoyable and scalable. I help clinicians maximise their productivity and generate the best outcome to their entry and exit strategy.

From a lecturer’s perspective, what can CPD Junkies do to get more out of CPD events they attend?

Make a CPD Portal for individual user to keep their CPD attendance certificates, monitor points and send alerts.

Make Virtual running of events and promotions easier and hassle free for presenters

What advice do you have for anyone hoping to become a speaker/lecturer?

 There is never going to be a perfect time to start. Be passionate and add value first. Execution is the key.

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