CPD Junkie Course Listing Options for Online CPD Events


A listing with all of the others




Show users your complete listing




Stand out from the crowd



Add Ons Available for Full Listings

Feature your event

+$30 per Month

What is a Featured Course?

By choosing to feature your full listing, you unlock the full potential of CPD Junkie. Featured Courses get marketed by us to help you sell out your events faster. 

Featured Courses get access to our audience of engaged dentists by:

Junkie Deals

10-30% of Event Price

What is Junkie Deals

Offer up a discount exclusive to CPD Junkie users. Everyone loves a deal and by offering discounts to our users, your event will get further attention and sell tickets faster. Junkie Deals get advertised separately to all other content with their own dedicated page, email alerts and social media posts.

Junkie Deals help you sell out your event faster:

Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple and quick to get your course on CPDJunkie.com.au

  1. Make an Account
  2. Purchase your listing – Featured, Full or Free
  3. Submit your details. If you need help or want to add more – email us at info@cpdjunkie.com.au

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Having launched early 2020. We consistently have thousands visit the site weekly. 

The three co-founders (Jesse, Omid and David) all own podcasts and use this to share the website.

If you want to know the latest details – reach out to our email.

Junkie deals are made to be Win-Win-Win. 

We want to be able to provide the best offers to our dentists and you want bums on seats. Offer a bonus or discount the price and you will see sales. 

We have see a >$10,000 course sell within 24hrs due to a discount listed on our site. 

Email us now to discuss what you can offer the CPD Junkie community. info@cpdjunkie.com.au

Sure, we can help directly. Email info@cpdjunkie.com.au

We will edit this for you ASAP! Please email info@cpdjunkie.com.au

Please See our Terms and Conditions page for all the information you need. OR just reach out to us with questions

You certainly can. Free webinars get FREE Full listings! Email us info@cpdjunkie.com.au