Letter from the Editor – October 2020

Letter from the Editor October:
Your Partner in CPD

We launched CPD Junkie at the start of 2020 with the goal of being the go to source for dentists looking to find CPD. Our aim was to create a comprehensive directory to help dentists browse, search and compare CPD in areas of interest. CPD made simple. We are proud of the our growing directory (now over 500 courses listed) and the tools and services that we are developing to help our colleagues find the CPD they are looking for. We are working with our partners to bring Junkie Deals exclusive to our members and have some exciting plans in the works for 2021. To our members, we will soon be delivering you email notifications for CPD events that you have indicated interest in. This customised and curated email will be tailor made to match your areas of interest – delivered to your inbox monthly. As we grow and bring on more partners from the CPD industry, we are focused on finding value and finding ways to help you take the guesswork out of CPD. Our monthly newsletter and the amazing resources such as the “How to get the most out of CPD” E-book and the CPD Junkie x Szabi Hant photography cheat sheet are also some of the perks we are proud to provide our members.

So we hope that you continue to check in often with CPD Junkie and trust us as your go to platform for finding CPD. If you enjoy the site and find value with what we are doing, it would be great if you could recommend us to your friends, colleagues and classmates.

Enjoy this weeks expert Q&A with Dr Aovana Timmerman!

Dr. Omid Azami

Co-Founder CPD Junkie

October Newsletter

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