Letter From the Editor: June 2020

Letter From the Editor

A Return to Normalcy

Omid Azami DDS, Co-Founder CPD Junkie

With the easing of restrictions and a return to business, for the first time in a few months a group of friends and I went out to our favourite local restaurant. On the surface the experience was at it would have been in a world prior to the COVID pandemic but on reflection it’s amazing how much has changed. We had to “sign in” by scanning a QR code and filling in our details upon entry. The restaurant also did not have physical menus instead relying on their website’s mobile takeaway menu to order and process payments, finally a restaurant in Melbourne that will let you do split bills!

I am amazed at the adaptability and creativity of local small business to operate within the ever changing landscape of restriction, regulations and customer mindsets. Dentists are in a similar situation and practice owners, staff and associate dentists all face these similar challenges of a return to work and have been incredibly creative and adaptive in their approach. 

It is great that we are back in the chair doing what we do best and serving our patients. It will be interesting to see how things evolve over the next few months and what changes are short term vs permanent, a new normal. 

At CPD Junkie we appreciate the support of our members and subscribers during the past few months. With the majority of CPD events being cancelled, postponed and rescheduled, we also had to be creative and provide different services such as our webinar directory and on-line CPD education listings. We have also been improving the site to make sure that we can provide you the best experience possible when it comes time to find your next CPD event. 

Enjoy the June Newsletter and be sure to check back with CPD Junkie often to see the latest offering of CPD available.

Omid Azami DDS

Co-Founder CPD Junkie



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