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There is a great demand to use clear aligners, but the majority of dentists want more support to achieve a high level of care and avoid frustrating situations. Progressive Orthodontic Seminars has partnered with ClearCorrect (from the Straumann Group) to design Aligner+, a solution for dentists to always be successful in clear aligner therapy.

 A more extensive diagnosis system ensures that you choose the right cases that you know you can treat well. Consultants help you prepare treatment plans with great predictability so you know exactly how your treatment will progress. An honest approach means solutions to any problem you may encounter, from lack of patient compliance to using brackets when needed.

Clear Aligners are a popular and powerful treatment that your patients want. The first step to being successful is growing your knowledge and skills.

Twelve days of education will give you the tools to choose the right cases and appliances to have complete control. Effectively help patients with Class I, Class II, and Class III, of both extraction and non-extraction modalities.

Brackets Too?

In addition to understanding clear aligner therapy, you will also gain knowledge of brackets which can help you on the occasion when patients are not compliant or if you need more efficient tooth movement. An honest understanding of aligners and tooth movement will help you be successful on every case.

4 seminars of 3-days each

Seminar 1: Foundation for Successful Clear Aligner Cases

Understand the important orthodontic concepts to diagnose your patients and learn how to choose the best cases for you to take on. Acquire a complete diagnosis and treatment planning system with a consultant to guide you on your cases.

Seminar 2: Take Proper Records, Use of Engagers, & Hands-On Workshop

Understand the concepts behind tooth movement and the strengths and weaknesses of aligner therapy to effectively design the best treatment. Gain confidence in your hands-on workshop to properly use aligners engagers, and brackets in your practice.

Seminar 3: Moving Beyond the Simplest Cases

Start helping more than just simple Class I crowding and retreat aligner cases. You will also learn how to ensure how your cases progress properly and how to make adjustments as necessary.

Seminar 4: Finishing & Retention

Achieve an excellent finish and long term retention on all your cases You will also continue to expand your skills, giving you the tools to be successful with extraction, distilization, open bite and deep bite cases.



Both Progressive and Straumann believe that dentists can provide a high level of aligner care with honest education, quality product, and expert support. Together they have developed an effective program for dentists to be successful in aligners in a realistic practice environment. This program was designed for real doctors with real limitations.

The Straumann Group has been the global leader in implants, restorative and regenerative dentistry and entered the orthodontic industry in 2017 by acquiring ClearCorrect. Wanting to give dentists even more resources, Straumann appointed the leader in orthodontic continuing education, Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, to become its global education partner.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars has trained thousands of dentists around the world to provide quality orthodontic care. For the past 35 years, Progressive has provided comprehensive orthodontic training with a heavily researched and honest curriculum so that doctors can successfully grow their practices within the realities of the clinic. Like all their programs, Aligner+ was made by dentists, for dentists, and has lifetime support to ensure that every dentist can be successful.

With our predictable Aligner+ system, you’ll learn how to successfully

  1. Maintain and create proper occlusion
  2. Straighten and move teeth predictably and efficiently
  3. Close spaces in extraction and non-extraction cases
  4. Deal with patients who do not wear their trays
  5. Deliver aligner results to the orthodontic standard of care
  6. Provide predictable treatment that patients will appreciate



In this seminar, you will learn how to detect orthodontic issues in your patients. You will gain an understanding of the cases for you to treat with clear aligners. You will learn how to choose which case types are the best for you to take on, and which ones to start later when you have more knowledge. We will also introduce how to efficiently start a ClearCorrect case that meets the standards of orthodontics through the use of the SmileStream Mentoring service.

  1. “Align +” a complete diagnosis and treatment planning system using a hybrid of clear aligners and IP fixed appliances for best results.
    1. Fixing the problems of inconsistent aligner treatment. Give it another try
  2. Efficiency of clear aligners to support use of this appliance in orthodontic treatment 
  3. Part 1 orthodontic diagnosis: done clinically by you
    1. Understand how facial traits and tooth movement affect facial esthetics 
  4. Standardized Records to document the various types of malocclusion
    1. Recognizing how the skeletal pattern influences your success or failure
  5. Recognition of problems and how to solve them 
  6. Part 2 diagnosis: provided by an experienced Mentor to assure your success
    1. Smilestream Prediction for extraction or non-extraction treatments to support the treatment decision
    2. IPR, when and how 
  7. Case selection and treatment planning 
    1. Class I mild crowding 
    2. Mild Class II dental with crowding 
  8. How to consult with a POS Mentor to assure the best diagnosis and appliance design and assure success. 
  9. Case submission—Proper communication with the lab is the key to success 


Speakers for this event

  • Charlie Kahwagi

    Charlie Kahwagi




Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

We at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) provide a complete orthodontic system so that dentists can give their patients healthy, beautiful smiles. From effective training to supplies and software, we enable dentists to have what they need to be successful. Our graduates are some of the most thoughtful, dedicated and skilled in their fields, and we’re immensely proud of that. Since we were founded in 1984, we have been on an amazing journey. Our Traditional Orthodontics Series has grown to have 8000+ graduates, 40 worldwide locations, 500+ pages of treatment plan detail, and around 7600 hours of live training each year. In 2019 we have grown to add 720 hours of orthodontic aligner education too. Although our technology and influence continue to grow, we are dedicated to stay true to our core beliefs. We are proud to be part of the world’s most robust GP orthodontic community.

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