april, 2021

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202116aprAll Day19SEMINAR 13 : Part -1Seminar 13: Dentofacial Orthodontics as an Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery(All Day)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeOnline Event Organized By: Progressive Orthodontic Seminars Discipline:OrthodonticsFormat:Online

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This seminar will teach you how to extend the limits of tooth movement to where orthognathic surgery can be avoided. Learn how to get predictable and consistent results using the zygomatic buttress for anchorage, a fantastic “up and back” location to apply force to the upper dental arch. Change the lives of your patients as you command 2-3 times the orthodontic fee. You will also learn when cases should have orthognathic surgery and when they can be better treated with minor, in-office procedures like corticotomies and skeletal anchorage.

  • How to Diagnose and Plan Zygomatic Buttress Skeletal Anchorage
    • Planning line of force determination for predictable results
    • Bone plate placement and how to perform the surgery
    • Management of possible complications
    • Intrusion and distalization of the maxillary dentition – How to calculate and implement the proper amount of intrusion and retraction
  • Maximum Anchorage and Distalization in the Skeletally Open Case
    • Zygoma skeletal anchorage to attain true maximum anchorage
    • Direct vs. indirect anchorage and ramifications for treatment
    • Pivot mechanics in skeletal anchorage cases
  • Corticotomies to Decrease Skeletal Resistance
    • Surgical technique and clinical applications
    • Maxillary Lingual – Maintaining torque during retraction in the Class II case
    • Mandibular Lingual – Maintaining torque during retraction in Class III case
    • Buccal Cortectomy as alternative to SARPE
    • Maxillary labial and mandibular labial


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  • Charlie Kahwagi

    Charlie Kahwagi




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april 16 (Friday) - 19 (Monday)(GMT+10:00) View in my time




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