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202022feb9:00 am5:00 pmSafer Prescribing in General Dental Practice - SydneyFacilitated by Dr Howard Gluckman,Dr Riaan Wolfaardt and Dr Jonathan du Toit9:00 am - 5:00 pm(GMT+11:00) View in my time Event Organized ByUniversity Of SydneyDisciplineOral Medicine/Pathology

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A Comprehensive Update for Safer Prescribing in Your Practice

Patients in your practice will present with an array of complicated medical conditions. Many will be taking various prescription and non-prescription drugs. In addition, new medications and changes to legislation require you to keep up to date to ensure effective patient care.

This one-day course developed by Dr Geraldine Moses will provide clinicians with a comprehensive update for safer prescribing and drug use in dental practice. The day is comprised of five key presentations: update on safe prescribing, medications that impact on dental procedures, dealing with patients who claim a drug allergy, tailored pain management and drug adherence.


  • Update on Medication Safety and Safe Prescribing
    • Know the top 10 contributors to medication error.
    • Write a comprehensive medication history that can prevent AMEs.
    • Recognise error-prone prescribing and situations that predispose to error.
    • Implement processes to prevent prescribing and charting errors.
  • Medications that Impact on Dental Procedures
    • Ensure all medications are included in a medication history
    • Assess all medicines for their impact on dental procedures and outcomes.
    • Access authoritative resources regarding medication management
    • Advise patients appropriately on perioperative medication issues.
  • Dealing with Patients Who Claim Drug Allergy
    • Understand difference between allergies and adverse drug reactions
    • Know which patients are truly cross-reactive between penicillins and cephalosporins.
    • Develop more accurate history for those claiming a “sulpha allergy.”
    • Explain allergy to one opioid does not exclude use of other opioids
    • Document THREE things in allergy /ADR history
  • Drugs Don’t Work in People Who Don’t Take Them – update on Adherence
    • Appreciate the wide range of medicines for which non-adherence continues to be a significant problem
    • Understand the five dimensions of non-adherence.
    • Identify predictors of medication non-adherence.
    • Apply motivational interviewing skills to assess and assist medication adherence.
    • Explain the implications of non-adherence on medication use in the community.
  • Tailoring Pain Management to the Individual Patient
    • Compare safety and efficacy of commonly used analgesics
    • Explain varying risk profile between different NSAIDs
    • Understand the place in therapy of combination analgesia.
    • Know how analgesic prescribing is altered in paediatric and geriatric patients
    • Know when prescribing opioids for dental pain is appropriate and when it should be avoided.
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Speakers for this event

  • Dr Geraldine Moses

    Dr Geraldine Moses

    Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy specialising in drug information

    Geraldine Moses is a doctor of clinical pharmacy specialising in drug information. As well as providing a national drug information advisory service called “Pharma-Advice” for members of the Australian Dental Association, Geraldine also works part-time in the Academic Practice Unit of the Mater Public Hospital in Brisbane and is Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland. She also consults to organisations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Commission for Safety in Quality in Health Care, the Queensland Office of Health Ombudsman and the New Zealand Dental Association. A frequent speaker at seminars and conferences, Geraldine is well known amongst her profession and has received many awards including in 2002 she was named Australian Pharmacist of the Year. And in 2013 she received ADAQ’s Medal of Merit for services to the dental profession as a non-dentist.

    Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy specialising in drug information


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