Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics 100% Online

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Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics 100% Online

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The Online BOSS Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics is the most comprehensive clear aligner course available to dental professionals.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics award upon passing all assessments.
  • Taught by highly experienced Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal, Invisalign Diamond Provider since 2017
  • Coaching and mentoring available via 24/7 chat forum
  • Online library access and e-learning portal provided 24/7
  • 5 star reviews and testimonials
  • Alumni support available after course at additional cost

Covering the latest developments and technology, the Diploma will place you in an exclusive band of dental professionals delivering modern, practical and profitable orthodontic services.

*UK Awarding Body




This is a story of a simple woman, dentist and an orthodontist, and now a dentapreuner(!!not sure what it means) who was caught up in a web of frustration and decided to BREAK FREE! I graduated from Dentistry in 2001 and Orthodontics 2013. I was a general dentist for 9 years. Full of passion and always wanting to learn I dived into lots of seminars and courses. When it came to Orthodontics, I did every course/seminar/residency including all major ones that exist today. I walked out always excited and ready to start – plan – help my patients. I had all these gurus showing me how easy it is and how much more $$$ you could make and I could do it better than my local specialist! Personally, the $$$ never interested me – otherwise I would be driving a famous red sports car or dressing designer head to toe or eating at lavish places and flying first class. I would rather donate money to UNICEF but that’s just me. I just did orthodontics as a dentist for the PASSION and its what I enjoyed! I could not afford to do a university degree and this was the easier solution at the time. THIS The future looked bright. I felt I had enough training to do orthodontics. The only thing I didn’t touch were surgical cases and impacted canines. As with everything I do, I launched into orthodontic treatments full of passion. The more I did, the more I realised it actually wasn’t that easy. I had to train my staff, source out labs, learn what to do when things started to go wrong (and they definitely did – lets get real and honest here!). I always told my patients that I was just a dentist but felt competent to do their treatment well. My patients put their trust in me. I HAD. After several years, I started to see my own failures and inefficiencies. The gurus were either not around or too busy to sit down with me and help me and wanted more $$$. RINGS A BELL? I tried networking with multiple dental colleagues who did similar courses to improve – I was going around in circles – but then I decided to BREAK FREE and contact my local orthodontist. These gurus told me how unfriendly these local orthodontist are so I didn’t know what to expect. I WAS FORTUNATE FOR MY LOCAL ORTHODONTIST TO GIVE ME HIS TIME. Eventually he employed me and I only did orthodontics as a general dentist under his supervision. He started to gradually coach me and look at all the patients I had underway. He shared his knowledge of latest evidence, clinical pearls and especially case diagnosis and stability. Because this was real and patient-focussed and related to my everyday practice, it was THE BEST WAY TO LEARN – A WHOLE NEW MEANING came about to my ORTHODONTICS practice as a general dentist. MOST OF ALL – the personal one-on-one case-based approach helped me really understand the COMPLEXITIES OF HUMAN VARIATIONS AND OUR TREATMENTS. I became a learner again and decided to specialise in Orthodontics knowing I would sacrifice my flourishing dental career (I was already starting a path toward LVI dentistry!). It was my only way to learn it at the level I wanted.
info@breakthroughwithboss.com 2a/600 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088.

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INVESTMENT: AUD$15,000 (ex GST) GST. does not apply to customers outside of Australia.

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