Module 5 - Management of Missing Dentition and Other Procedures in Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Care - Aesthetic Dentistry

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This training will cover the essential elements which are required to be able to provide indirect procedures and techniques for the aesthetic rehabilitation of the patient. Read less…


  • Upon completion of the study material in the module, review of the literature and the assessment the delegate will have a good understanding of how to manage cases of missing dentition, periodontal & orthodontic procedures while providing advanced aesthetic and restorative treatment.
  • It offers CPD credits as per GDC, UK guidelines.

This is an online training program that covers the essential elements which are required for the management of the missing dentition, periodontal & orthodontic procedures in relation to the provision of advanced aesthetic and restorative care. It comprises of 8 units that include study material which is delivered online in a multimedia classroom format followed by a 2-part assessment (unit 7 and unit 8). The educational material has been developed and is supported by text, video and interactive material and is in close association with the 2017 publication “Practical Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistry” published by Wiley. Delegates will get online access for 2 years to view all the lectures, videos and study material. This will enable the busy dentist to complete the course at their own pace from the comfort of their home without taking too much time off from practice. 

Assessments Understanding of the course content will be verified by: 

1) Multiple Choice Questions – This is a self-assessment module where a delegate needs to pick the correct answer from the given options. Whilst taking the MCQs the online tutorials are unavailable. If a learner does not achieve the 50% (pass score), resits can be taken and the tutorials become available again. 

2) Short Answer Type Questions – This is a faculty assessment module where a delegate will be required to submit short answers for the exam questions that will be assessed by the faculty. This will not receive a specific grade just a pass or fail will be notified. Candidates who fail will be allocated to a faculty member for feedback and and based upon an interview process be awarded a pass. In certain cases a resubmission of an assessment will be required and this not incur any further cost to the delegate. 

Awards Upon completion of all the online units and the associated assessments the delegate will receive a certificate of completion from Academy of Dental Excellence and CPD credits as per GDC, UK guidelines.  This training is also a part of Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma Programs in Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry accredited by EduQual UK. It can either be taken as an individual course or as Module 5 of the above-mentioned programs. 

Upgrade options – After completing this training, delegates have the option to complete the other modules that are part of the following structured programs for further certification:

• Post Graduate Certificate in Theoretical Management of Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (PG Cert TMAARD)

• Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip MAARD

Training Details

The following topics are covered: 

Unit 1‘Bridge design’ – concepts in planning and preparation.– Know the principles of bridge design and application of minimal invasive adhesive bridges.- Plan and appraise the most appropriate bridge design.- Know the principles of tooth preparation for bridge designs  

Unit 2‘Re-organisation of the occlusion.’ – how to attain a predictable outcome.– Know the occlusal principles with relation to the re-organised approach to rehabilitation. – Apply the principles of occlusion for a re- organised approach.- Formulate an appropriate occusal prescription to maximise the aesthetic, restorative and long-term functional outcome  

Unit 3‘Management of the missing dentition’ – denture design; role of implants.– Apply the principles of partial denture design to optimise for a functional and aesthetic outcome.- Know the prosthodontic and aesthetic principles for implant rehabilitation of the missing tooth/teeth in the aesthetic zone.  – Know the restorative and prosthodontics phases for rehabilitation with dental implants. 

Unit 4‘Pre-restorative procedures’ – advanced periodontal techniques; orthodontics in restorative dentistry.– Know the different techniques for the periodontal tissues to produce an aesthetic outcome. – appraise and differentiate between the various techniques. – Apply the periodontal techniques for the appropriate clinical indications.- Identify the orthodontic, aesthetic and functional interface. – Formulate and create an effective interactive orthodontic and restorative treatment plan. 

Unit 5‘Contingency planning’ – planning for failure – what can we expect to happen and how to plan a successful long-term solution.– Design a effective strategy to manage the failure of aesthetic and restorative materials and techniques.- Know the factors relating to long term success of restorations. – Know how to plan treatment to minimise failure. 

Unit 6Review of the Literature– Appraise & Interpret the relevant available evidence.- Relate the evidence to clinical practice.- Apply evidence-based practice. 

Unit 7Assessment Part A – MCQs– Conduct self test appraisal of the study materials.- Revise the important and relevant points for clinical application.- Compare the alternatives presented. 

Unit 8Assessment Part B – Short Answer Type Questions– Apply the knowledge gained to answer short questions- Check understanding of course content through Faculty assessed exam



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