Dental Practice Startup And Buying Seminar 2021 - Melbourne

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Course Topics:

  • Why ownership? The good, the bad and the nasty
  • Start-up vs buying – Pros and cons of each
  • Partnerships – important considerations
  • Real world profitability of dental practices at different stages of maturity ie. (startup vs growing vs mature
  • Location, location, location (the most important consideration in practice start-ups)
  • Equipment requirements and costs
  • Fitout considerations and planning from start to finish.
  • Designs & costs depending on size etc.
  • Complete step by step guide and timeline of starting your own practice
  • The entire process and important considerations for BUYING a practice
  • Staffing considerations for your practice
  • Lease considerations
  • Total initial outlay, costs and budgets
  • Finance and loan consideration
  • Minimizing and managing overheads in ownership
  • Cash flow, breakeven points and expenses
  • MARKETING A-Z (a complete strategy guide


Speakers for this event

  • Dr Nauv Kashyap

    Dr Nauv Kashyap

    General dentist - BDSc (Qld)

    Dr Nauv Kashyap graduated from the University of QLD in 2006 and began private practice in Brisbane, immediately upon graduation. He purchased his first dental practice in 2008 with around 2500 patients on the books and approximately $400k yearly turnover. That practice now has approx. 20,000 patients on the books and will turnover around $2.5 million in the next 12 months. Dr Kashyap has also started a further 8 successful dental practices in the midst of tough competition and a challenging dental market. He is passionate about the business side of dental ownership, particularly the start-up and buying process. He loves to mentor new owners as they transition from being employee to owner.

    General dentist - BDSc (Qld)

  • Simon Palmer

    Simon Palmer

    Specialist in dental recruitment and dental practice sales

    With more than 15 years’ experience in dental recruitment and dental practice sales, Simon Palmer has extensive knowledge of and insight into the Australian dental industry. He is a regular contributor to dental publications and journals, and is regarded as an expert on dental practice purchases and sales in Australia.

    Simon has a deep understanding of the complexities and sensitivities involved in buying and selling dental practices and is committed to ensuring his clients get the price, terms and compatibility they are looking for. Simon has a business broker’s license in most states and has conducted hundreds of transactions throughout Australia. He oversees the entire process from information/documentation gathering through to negotiations, contracts and transitions.

    URL https://www.adansw.com.au/CPD/CPD-Presenters/Simon-Palmer

    Specialist in dental recruitment and dental practice sales


Practice Ownership Consulting

Who we are? Practice Ownership Consulting is Australia’s first dedicated consulting business to help employee/associate dentists explore practice ownership opportunities. We are dedicated to helping you transition into dental practice ownership. Whether it be starting your own practice, buying a share into a practice you are currently working in or buying an existing practice that’s for sale, we are dedicated to helping you through the decision making process and transitioning into ownership. Since 2010, our founder, Dr Nauv Kashyap has been helping dentists transition into ownership with some excellent results. Many dentists have relied on him to provide expert guidance as they take on the challenges of ownership. Dr Nauv Kashyap bought his first practice in 2008 with approx $400K a year turnover and 2,500 patients. That practice has seen more than 20,000 patients and in 2015 will turnover approx. $2.5million. He has started a further ten dental practices and has also sold practices. He continues to find opportunities for successful startups and takeovers even through a saturated dental market. What we do? Practice ownership consulting runs seminars and consulting programmes which help dentists achieve success in their new practice ventures. We are a specialised firm dedicated to employee and associate dentists understand what is involved in practice ownership and helping them to either start their own practices or buy an existing dental practice.

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september 18 (Saturday) - 19 (Sunday)(GMT+10:00) View in my time


Cost: $3025 inc GST, Bring a friend, spouse or partner and second person pays $2750 inc GST

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