Advanced Injectable Resin Techniques for Tooth Wear and Aesthetic Rehabilitation

Restoration of the worn and broken down dentition can be a complex problem that historically was treated with full mouth rehabilitation with full coverage crowns, The development of modern dental materials has led to novel injectable resin techniques that allow aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of tooth wear. These techniques can be also adopted to treat cosmetic problems in an efficient and conservative manner. Historically the use of reductive and often invasive techniques with the use of full crown restorations led to unnecessary destruction of tooth structure leading to a heavy biological cost with pupal and periodontics sequalae, as well as the financial costs of extensive treatment. There may be the need for long term full crown restoration however often patients may be unable to afford the financial outlay with indirect procedures and the use of transitional restorations with composite resin can often also be used to spread out treatment costs and still offer comprehensive treatment outcomes.

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Jun 12 2024


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


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