Expert Q&A: May 2020

Expert Q&A with: Dr Mehrnoosh (Nu) Dastaran OMFS MBChB BDS MPhil DOHNS (RCS Eng) FRACDS (OMS) “OMFS is indeed a broad scoped speciality, but it is important to remember that our roots still lie firmly in dentistry.” Dr. Dr Mehrnoosh (Nu) Dastaran Bio: Dr. Mehrnoosh (Nu) Dastaran is a Victorian-trained Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, …

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Blog Post: May 2020

CPD Junkie Blog “Many a times, people stop themselves from making big decisions because they are unsure/scared/financially weak yet unhappy. They continue to lead those unfulfilling lives rather than take action to do things differently. The moment you decide not to do something about your current situation, you’ve made a decision there and then!” Dr. …

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Blog Post

CPD Junkie Blog “The moments you feel some sort of excuse or avoidance you need to lean on and confront it. Because when you are trying to avoid something, you start making excuses or start justifying why you aren’t doing it” Dr. Jesse Green How to Bounce Back from a Setback By: Dr. Jesse Green …

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Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A with: Dr. Bruce Freeman “Parts of our toolbox of life-skills needs to be the ability to receive feedback fearlessly” Dr. Bruce Freeman Bio: Dr. Bruce Freeman is a native of Toronto. He is an honours graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto where he was recognized with numerous awards for …

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Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Clarence Tam “To get the most from CPD events, I feel that one needs to ask questions, and that will come if you engage with the material” Dr. Clarence Tam Bio: I went to the University of Western Ontario for both my undergraduate degree in Honors Microbiology and Immunology (thesis: Site-Directed Mutagenesis …

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