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"The moments you feel some sort of excuse or avoidance you need to lean on and confront it. Because when you are trying to avoid something, you start making excuses or start justifying why you aren’t doing it"

How to Bounce Back from a Setback

By: Dr. Jesse Green

We all have setbacks; it is part of living on this beautiful planet. Listen to anyone’s success story and they’d tell you about how they moved forward against the odds; how they fought back against forces to be where they are. And it all sounds inspirational, amazing and impossible to achieve!

Thomas Edison may have done 1800 experiments before inventing the light bulb, I don’t think I have that kind of willpower’. But how do you know you don’t? Resilience is one word that is often misrepresented. And resilience is one trait, which when achieved can make all the difference in how you approach work, life and more importantly setbacks in general.

The True Definition of Resilience

So what is the true definition of resilience?

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