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"Social media gives you the power to share knowledge, attract new patients and grow your dental practice."

Why Your Dental Practice Needs To Join Instagram, And How To Get Started.

Social media has undoubtedly transformed how dental professionals can connect with patients and educate the community. It’s time for you to dedicate some of your time, or your marketing budget, to social media. Social media gives you the power to share knowledge, attract new patients and grow your dental practice. Do you really want to miss out on all that?!

So many dentists invest in innovative technologies, but they don’t advertise them enough. Think about it, if your main method of external advertisement is Google Ads and flyers in the local community, are you really able to showcase all that you offer? Of course, you can fit in “CAD/CAM same day crowns available” in a corner somewhere; but, how many people not in the dental field really understand what that means? How many will actually google it or call you to understand it? I think we can all admit, not many. However, if you showcase your CAD/CAM machine periodically through your social media pages, you’re bound to capture attention and educate potential patients. 

Just recently, I had generated 4 new patients for a dental practice by posting about their DEXIS CariVu. In the post, I explained what it is, how it works, and added a picture of it being used on a patient, and the image it generates. This ensured that people could tell it was safe, and they could see how we as dentists are able to detect decay with the resultant image. My favourite part is that I made that post months ago. I know sometimes we may take our time to create something, yet it barely gets any interactions. That’s where social media is great. That information will stay on your feed for people to see months, even years later. So, for those dentists that did start up a social media page and got discouraged because it was not generating any leads, I want to assure you that one day you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. But, for that to happen, you need to be consistent, you need to interact with followers, and you need to use the right hashtags. 

Be consistent

The best way to ensure this is to outsource and have somebody in charge of the social media pages. Whether you want that person to be a hired social media content creator, an existing front desk staff member, or your nephew, that’s totally up to you. However, be mindful that people like seeing people. For your account to be successful, you cannot use entirely stock images and text. You or someone at the clinic, needs to take pictures of your office, technologies you offer, staff and patients (with consent). Another way to ensure consistency is to dedicate a few days that you will post on. To figure out which day will give you the most interactions, look at your analytics. This will show you when you get the most interactions with your posts. In the beginning, experiment and post on different days and times, then look at your analytics to determine the ideal time.

Interact with followers

This is a win-win interaction. Not only will this make them feel good about themselves, it also puts you out there for their followers to see. Whenever you comment on a patient’s photo, their followers will be able to see. This is an excellent way to provide your account and practice more exposure as most likely many of their followers live in the same area, thus can be potential patients. Also, as a general give and take rule that we as humans follow, the more you interact with their content, the more inclined they will feel to return the favour. 

Use the right hashtags 

Hashtags will be where most of your exposure will come from as you start up. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. I recommend using about 10 dental/ content specific, 10 general and 10 location-specific. For example, if you are posting a video of you scanning a patient’s mouth with an iTero scanner for Invisalign, utilize hashtags such as:

  • #invisalign, #clearbraces (dental/ content specific)
  • #videooftheday, #smile (general)
  • #Townsvilledentist, #Townsvillebusiness (location specific)

These ensure you reach out to people interested in the service you offer (Invisalign), and also people in your area (Townsville). The general hashtags will help you get more interactions, which most likely won’t generate leads; but it helps the Instagram algorithm notice that users are liking your content, and Instagram will display it more to other users. This will ultimately give you more engagements in the end.  

Those are the 3 main tips I recommend for running a successful dental practice instagram. It may seem overwhelming and not worth it at first, but if you are dedicated to it, it will prove itself beneficial. Of course, Instagram is not the only social media, but it is becoming increasingly popular for users to discover businesses on. So, why should you miss out on these leads? Join today on instagram.com. 

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